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 Pokemon Red/Blue Mew Glitch

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PostSubject: Pokemon Red/Blue Mew Glitch   Pokemon Red/Blue Mew Glitch Icon_minitimeSat Mar 08, 2008 4:46 pm

I know this isn't anything to do with Diamond/Pearl, but I think its good to know for the retro Pokemon gamers

Follow this exactly except when your on yellow avoid the 2 trainers that it uses and get a Abra on the route below cerulean city after meeting bill it still works because i have just done it Razz


P.S: It might be lvl 7 but its a nasty one to catch at full health

When battling me I ask for the common decency not to use hacks!!

Pokemon Red/Blue Mew Glitch B2d452c97e5176447a779d38dae31a6a
"What in Zubat's name is up with that???"

"This Pokemon was the best Pokemon ever... until you chose it, now its ruined no-one can ever have it becuase of you!!"

Im going to Reading music Festival Razz Razz
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Pokemon Red/Blue Mew Glitch
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